Get Rewarded for being Healthy

With Vitality Life insurance, you will receive rewards designed to motivate you to be healthier and in return live longer. The main rewards they offer are;

  • weekly cinema tickets for you and the family
  • weekly Starbucks coffee
  • half price virgin active gym membership
  • discounted Champneys health spa
  • up to 40% off British Airways

and many more with t&c’s on their website. So right now you are probably thinking ‘what’s the catch? This sounds to good to be true!’ Well there isn’t one, Vitality believe if they can help people to stay healthy, then they are less likely to claim on their life insurance, meaning they can use these savings to reward you.

Vitality Life is one of the fastest growing insurance houses in the UK. This is primarily down to the fact they offer a unique package when compared to every other insurance house in the UK. They offer a whole host of products including award winning life cover, serious illness cover and income protection.

How Vitality’s Helping the UK Live Healthier

Since Vitality launched their benefits package a few years ago they have started to work with many names you may have heard of such as Jessica Ennis-Hill and Jonny Wilkinson, who have the same passion for promoting a healthy life style for everyone in the UK.

They also work with many sporting organisations such as football clubs; Arsenal, AFC Bournemouth, Liverpool and Manchester City, helping people look after themselves from young ages.

Vitality offer a wellness programme that promotes a healthy living for the whole family. One of their more family orientated partners is The National Trust who offer 300 properties such as Wordsworth House and Gardens in Cumbria, once home to William Wordsworth. Or if you want to get the kids out of the house for the weekend why not take the family for a stroll around Lake Windermere, the largest natural lake in England.